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Macaroni (ALL)

Machine (ALL)
OR  Shops  
OR  Tools Dealers  
OR  Tools Repairing and Rebuilding  

Machinery (ALL)
OR  Movers and Erectors  
OR  New  
OR  Rebuilding and Repairing  
OR  Specially Designed and Built  
OR  Used  

Magazines (ALL)
OR  Dealers  
OR  Distributors  

Magicians (ALL)

Magnets and Magnetic Devices (ALL)

Maids' and Butlers' Service (ALL)

Mail Order and Catalog Shopping (ALL)

Mailing (ALL)
OR  Mailing Lists  
OR  Machines and Equipment  
OR  Services  

Make-Up Permanent (ALL)

Malls (ALL)

Mammograms (ALL)

Management Consultants (ALL)

Manicuring (ALL)

Manufactured Housing (ALL)
OR  Communities  
OR  Rent and Lease  
OR  Repair and Service  
OR  Retailers  

Manufacturers' Agents and Representatives (ALL)

Manuscript Preparation (ALL)

Maps-Designing and Drafting (ALL)

Marble (ALL)
OR  Contractors  
OR  Cultured  
OR  Natural  

Marine Electronic Equipment and Supplies (ALL)

Marine Recruiting (ALL)

Market Research and Analysis (ALL)

Marketing (ALL)
OR  Consultants  
OR  Programs and Services  

Marking and Coding Equipment (ALL)

Marriage Family Child and Individual Counselors (ALL)

Martial Arts (ALL)
OR  Instruction  
OR  Supplies and Equipment  

Mason (ALL)
OR  Contractors  
OR  Contractors' Equipment and Supplies  
OR  Masonry Restoration  

Massage (ALL)
OR  Equipment and Supplies  
OR  Therapists  
OR  Therapy Schools  

Mastectomy Forms and Apparel (ALL)

Matches (ALL)

Material Handling Equipment (ALL)

Maternity (ALL)
OR  Apparel  
OR  Services  

Math Improvement Instruction (ALL)

Mats and Matting (ALL)

Mattresses Retail (ALL)

Mausoleums (ALL)

Meat (ALL)
OR  Choppers and Grinders  
OR  Retail  
OR  Wholesale  

Mechanical Contractors (ALL)

Mechanotherapists D.M. (ALL)

Media Buying (ALL)

Medical (ALL)
OR  Alarms  
OR  Billing  
OR  Claims Processing and Assistance  
OR  Equipment Repairing and Refinishing  
OR  Imaging Services  
OR  Laboratories  
OR  Legal Consultants  
OR  Management Services  
OR  Record Service  
OR  Services  
OR  Medical and Surgical Plans  
OR  Transcription Service  
OR  Waste Removal  

Meeting Planning Services (ALL)

Memorial Societies (ALL)

Men's Clothing and Furnishings Retail (ALL)

Men's Sevice Organizations (ALL)

Mental Health Services (ALL)

Mental Retardation and Developmentally Disabled Services (ALL)

Merchandising Service (ALL)

Metal (ALL)
OR  Buffing and Polishing  
OR  Buildings  
OR  Cleaning  
OR  Detecting Equipment  
OR  Fabricators  
OR  Finishers  
OR  Recycling  
OR  Rolling and Forming  
OR  Specialties  
OR  Stamping Metallizing  
OR  Precious Sheet Wire Tubing etc  

Metaphysical Supplies (ALL)

Meters (ALL)

Micrographics Service Equipment and Supplies (ALL)

Microwave Service and Repair (ALL)

Midwives (ALL)

Milking Machines and Equipment (ALL)

Mill Supplies (ALL)

Millwork Wholesale and Manufacturers (ALL)

Millwrights (ALL)

Minerals (ALL)

Mini-Storage Facilities and Warehouses (ALL)

Miniature Golf Courses (ALL)

Mining (ALL)
OR  Companies  
OR  Consultants  

Ministers (ALL)

Mirrors (ALL)

Mobile Home (ALL)
OR  Washing and Cleaning Exterior  
OR  Dealers  
OR  Parks  
OR  Repair and Service  

Mobile Offices and Commercial Units (ALL)

Mobile Telephone Service Equipment and Supplies (ALL)

Modeling Agencies (ALL)

Modular Buildings Offices and Homes (ALL)

Mold (ALL)
OR  Inspection Service  
OR  Remediation  
OR  Testing and Consulting  

Moldings (ALL)

Money Order Service (ALL)

Money Transfer Service (ALL)

Monuments (ALL)

Mopeds (ALL)

Mortgages (ALL)

Mosques Islamic (ALL)

Motels (ALL)

Motor Homes (ALL)
OR  Renting and Leasing  
OR  Repairing and Service  
OR  Storage  

Motorcycle (ALL)
OR  Manufacturers  
OR  Motorcycle and Motor Scooter Painting and Customizing  
OR  Riding and Safety Instructions  
OR  Storage  
OR  Motorcycles and Motor Scooters Dealers  
OR  Motorcycles and Motor Scooter Parts and Accessories  
OR  Motorcycles and Motor Scooters Repairing and Service  

Moving (ALL)
OR  Moving Equipment Rental  
OR  Moving Labor Service  

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) (ALL)

Mufflers and Exhaust Systems Engine (ALL)

Murphy Beds (ALL)

Museums (ALL)

Music Boxes (ALL)

Music Instruction (ALL)
OR  Instrumental  
OR  Vocal  

Music Sheet (ALL)

Musical Instruments (ALL)
OR  Dealers  
OR  Rental  
OR  Repairing  

Musicians (ALL)

Mutual Funds Mystery Shopper Service (ALL)