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Race Tracks (ALL)

Racing Car Equipment (ALL)

Racks (ALL)

Racquetball Courts (ALL)
OR  Private  
OR  Public  

Radiators Automotive (ALL)
OR  Manufacturers and Distributors  
OR  Sales and Service  

Radio Communication Equipment and Systems (ALL)

Radio Controlled Models (ALL)

Radio Paging Service (ALL)

Radio Scanners (ALL)

Radio Stations and Companies (ALL)

Radios Citizens Band (ALL)

Radiotelephone Communications Equipment and Systems (ALL)

Radon Testing and Reduction Services (ALL)

Rafting (ALL)

Railings (ALL)

Railroad (ALL)
OR  Contractors  
OR  Equipment and Supplies  
OR  Railroads  

Ramps Wheel Chair (ALL)

Ranges and Ovens (ALL)
OR  Rent and Lease  
OR  Dealers  

Rape Treatment Centers (ALL)

Ravioli (ALL)

Reading Improvement Instruction (ALL)

Real Estate (ALL)
OR  Real Estate  
OR  Appraisers Commercial and Industrial  
OR  Appraisers Residential  
OR  Auctioneers  
OR  Buyers' Brokers  
OR  Closing Service  
OR  Consultants  
OR  Developers  
OR  Environmental Assessments  
OR  Industrial and Commercial  
OR  Investment Advisory Service  
OR  Investments  
OR  Loans  
OR  Management  
OR  Rental Service  
OR  Sales and Rental Discrimination  
OR  Schools  

Reception Facilities (ALL)

Recorded Information (ALL)

Recording (ALL)
OR  Service Sound and Video  
OR  Studio Equipment Sound and Video  

Records (ALL)
OR  Destruction  
OR  Stored  

Records Tapes and Discs (ALL)

Recreation Centers (ALL)

Recreational Vehicle (ALL)
OR  Parks  
OR  Dealers  
OR  Equipment Parts and Supplies  
OR  Renting and Leasing  
OR  Repairing and Service  
OR  Storage  
OR  Wholesale and Manufacturers  

Recruiting U.S. Armed Forces (ALL)

Recycling (ALL)
OR  Centers  
OR  Equipment and Systems  
OR  Referral Services  

Reflexologists (ALL)

Refractories (ALL)

Refrigeration Equipment (ALL)
OR  Commercial Sales and Service  
OR  Parts and Supplies  
OR  Refrigerators and Freezers Rent and Lease  
OR  Refrigerators and Freezers Sales and Repair  

Refuse Removal (ALL)

Rehabilitation Services (ALL)

Rehearsal Studios (ALL)

Religious (ALL)
OR  Goods  
OR  Organizations  

Relocation Service (ALL)

Remodeling Contractors (ALL)

Rent-To-Own Stores (ALL)

Rental (ALL)
OR  Information Real Estate and Housing  
OR  Property Energy Inspections  
OR  Service Stores and Yards  
OR  Vacancy Listing Service  

Reporters Court and Convention (ALL)

Repossessing Service (ALL)

Resale Shops (ALL)

Residential Care Facilities (ALL)

Rest Homes (ALL)

Restaurant (ALL)
OR  Equipment and Supplies  
OR  Equipment Cleaning  
OR  Equipment Repair and Service  
OR  Food Delivery Service  
OR  Meals Delivered  
OR  Food Facilities Equipment and Supplies  
OR  Restaurants Menus  

Restoration and Preservation Buildings (ALL)

Resume Service (ALL)

Retail Stores (ALL)

Retaining Walls (ALL)

Retarded Citizens' Service Organizations (ALL)

Retirement (ALL)
OR  Retirement and Life Care Communities and Homes  
OR  Retirement Planning Services  

Retreat Facilities (ALL)

Reunion Planners (ALL)

Ribbons (ALL)

Riding Academies (ALL)

Rifle and Pistol Ranges (ALL)

Riggers (ALL)

Risk Management Consultants (ALL)

Rivets (ALL)

Road Building Contractors (ALL)

Road Service Automotive (ALL)

Roll Formed Products (ALL)

Roller Hockey Equipment (ALL)

Rollers Wooden Metal Rubber etc (ALL)

Roof Inspection Service (ALL)

Roofing (ALL)
OR  Consultants  
OR  Contactors  
OR  Materials  
OR  Metal  
OR  service Consultants  

Rubber (ALL)
OR  Products  
OR  Recycling  
OR  Stamps  

Rubbish and Garbage Removal (ALL)

Rug (ALL)
OR  Cleaners  
OR  Dealers  
OR  Repairing  

Rustproofing and Undercoating Automotive (ALL)